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iPhone Cases Causing Chemical Burns

MixBin Electronics, a Chinese manufacturer, recalled approximately 275,000 cell phone cases containing liquid glitter designed specifically for iPhone 6, 6s, and 7. The cases were recalled because of the risk of them leaking the liquid, which has been found to cause chemical burns and skin irritations, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The cases in question were sold via a number of stores, including Nordstrom Rack, Henri Bendel, Amazon, Tory Burch, Victoria’s Secret, and the manufacturer’s own store starting in October 2015 until June 2017. The cases retailed between $15 and $65 and were quite popular.

What Caused the Issue?

The liquid inside MixBin’s cases has been reported to cause skin irritations and chemical burns. The company hasn’t revealed the exact chemical composition of the liquid, but when it comes into contact with one’s skin, the results are quite harmful.

This is problematic for a number of reasons. A mobile phone case should not have the potential to cause harm. Also, the company did not include any warning about the risks involved, which should be mandatory to ensure complete consumer awareness regarding the proper handling of the product.

One person was permanently scarred after experiencing a chemical burn when the case leaked, while another also experienced swelling of the face, neck, upper body, hands, chest and leg. In such a case, an injury lawyer could likely get a settlement for the injured parties, to cover medical costs at the very least. However, money cannot make up for the trauma of being permanently scarred, especially by something as seemingly innocuous as a cell phone case.

After 24 cases of chemical burns and skin irritations were reported worldwide, of which 19 were in the United States, the CPSC issued an announcement warning people to stop using the cases immediately. Consumers are being advised to stop using them and get rid of them to avoid accidents.

MixBin is offering full refunds, and have set their site up to make the process much smoother. They have displayed photographs of all the cases and the regions where they were sold. Consumers can go to the site and directly ask for a full refund after locating their model.

According to the company, they sold 263,000 cases in the United States, 11,400 units in Canada, and 400 in Mexico.

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